Maintenance Renewal Management

For Companies

Do you really know
what you’re paying for?

With so many moving parts and departments, companies have a unique challenge when it comes to maintenance contracts.

Each department may be unaware of others within their company using the same software and hardware. Most contracts come with service level agreements (SLAs) that companies may not even be aware of.

This leads to multiple contracts, maintenance dates and support costs that could be combined to help obtain discounts and improve cashflow.

“Unless we get away from departmental spreadsheets, there’s no way of knowing what maintenance fees other departments are paying for “

– Sandra Jenkins, Integrity Logistics

Challenges for Companies

Does your comany struggle with these maintenance related challenges?

Contract Terms & SLAs

Get the service and support you’ve paid for by easily managing service level agreement terms

Cost Savings

Bundling contracts across multiple departments gives you a negotiating edge to save more

Manage Cashflow

Know exactly what maintenance contracts are coming up so you can plan cashflow accordingly 

How companies benefit using our maintenance renewal solution

Having a central, cloud-based solution that manages maintenance contracts for your company just makes sense.

It avoids all the pitfalls and wasted time over trying to fight with spreadsheets.

Plus, you get the visibility to make decisions at a company level, not just whats going on in a single department.

When it’s time to start getting the most out of your maintenance and services contracts, we’re here to help.

Let our experts walk you through the benefits of managing maintenance the easy way!


Get a complete picture

Know what maintenance your paying for and what you should be getting at a company level


More visibility

Notifications and reminders let you know what maintenance is coming to help cashflow


Co-Term Contracts

Take advantage of your buying power and co-term your maintenance contracts on your terms

Ready To Take Control?

Contact our team and learn how managing your maintenance contracts
the right way means more cashflow and visibility than ever before